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Holby City's Camilla Arfwedson: 'Zosia thinks Seb's an idiot... but she's also intrigued!'

It looks like love is in the air for Holby City's Dr Zosia March, as Camilla Arfwedson reveals…

Your character, Zosia, recently moved from Keller ward onto Darwin. Why was it time for a change?

"Zosia’s finally growing up and taking her career by the horns. Her father, former Holby CEO Guy Self (John Michie), had been holding her hand for a bit too long. Having got through their emotional issues, he had to let go of her, so she could do something on her own."

How’s Zosia coping with her bipolar disorder – does she feel she has it under control now?

"Yes, she does, and I think it’s been a real success story. Zosia’s taking her medication properly, she’s going to her therapy sessions and she’s trying to remain focused on her career. It’s only with emotional relationships that she can become a bit unstable."

Speaking of relationships, there’s certainly been friction on the ward between Zosia and Dr Oliver Valentine (James Anderson). What’s their problem with each other?

"They’re actually very similar in many ways in that they’re both strong-minded, melancholy and troubled, so they clash instantly. Zosia’s a very ambitious woman, so she’ll try and elbow her way into things - but then Ollie will do the same, so they just wind each other up really."

This Tuesday, Ollie and Zosia disagree on how to treat heart patient Elaine. What happens?

"Ollie wants to operate straight away, but Zosia suspects Elaine has mental health issues and, with her own experience of mental illness, she wants Elaine to have a psychiatric assessment first. Then, behind Zosia’s back, Ollie calls on new duty psychiatrist, Seb Coulter, for help."

What’s Zosia’s first impression of Seb (played by newcomer Hadley Fraser)?

"Oh, she thinks he’s a complete idiot! He’s very cocky and arrogant and irritates Zosia because, when she tells him she’s bipolar, he thinks he’s got her sussed. But, at the same time, she’s intrigued…"

Seb wastes no time in asking Zosia out on a date – how does she react?

"Zosia thinks it’s a joke and is very suspicious, especially as she’s wary of men anyway. When Seb starts flirting, Zosia doesn’t know what to do about it. It will take the right person to make Zosia date again."

Could Seb be Zosia’s Mr Right?

"Any relationship Zosia’s ever had has completely blown up in her face, so the idea of being in love simply terrifies her. But, the more Zosia gets to know Seb, he definitely becomes a more viable option."

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.