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Jake and Philippa join Home and Away as teenage twins

Home and Away have cast Jake Speer and Philippa Northeast as new teenage twins Oscar and Evelyn MacGuire.

The new family are the nephew and niece of teacher Zac MacGuire (Charlie Clausen) and will arrive in Summer Bay along with their aunt Hannah Wilson, played by fellow newcomer Cassie Howarth.

Hannah comes to Summer Bay asking for Zac's help as she believes her late sister's children, Oscar and Evelyn, have been inducted into a cult by their controlling father Ethan (Matt Minto).

Philippa describes her on-screen character as 'strong-willed' and 'not afraid to speak her mind'.

She revealed: "Evelyn believes strongly in the value of family having lost her mother at an early age and witnessing her father try to deal with the repercussions. This, in turn, has strengthened the sibling bond she shares with Oscar, in whom she finds comfort and entertainment."

Jake said: "Being only 15, Oscar hasn't really seen much of the world. Spending a few years in a cult he has missed out on a traditional teenage life and he's keen to get things back to normal... as normal as they can be anyway. I think Oscar is really keen to see what life is like in The Bay."

Their aunt Hannah is described as a free spirit, but feels she has to take on the responsibility of looking after the twins.

Cassie said: "Hannah has to now struggle to stay selfless and responsible, to make sure the twins have the life their mother wanted for them. She is a strong, determined woman who will fight fiercely for her family, but needs to feel loved as she has a fear of being alone."

The new family will appear in Home and Away on UK screens on Channel 5 in November.