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Does HDHomeRun work with Windows?

Best answer: Yes, as long as your device is updated to Windows 10 and has 2GB of RAM and a Dual Core x86 processor.

Windows works

HDHomeRun does work on Windows if your devices are updated to Windows 10 and have 2GB of RAM and a Dual Core x86 processor. That is something that you will find in most machines, seeing as most modern Windows devices have these specs. It's very simple to tell what specifications your device has; here are a few steps to see if you can support HDHomeRun.

  1. Open up Settings .
  2. Select System .
  3. Select About .
  4. See Device specifications.

This will show you what specifications are on your device, and you will be able to see if HDHomeRun can run on your device. Check out some more information about looking at your specs from our friends at Windows Central .

HDHomeRun: how it works

This service allows you to watch your favorite live TV shows without having to pay the hefty bill that cable companies love to send your way. With different boxes that have different abilities, you can pay the price of one box and avoid monthly charges with any of these boxes. HDHomeRun uses over-the-air antenna waves to bring you live TV without charging you a fee, meaning the box is the only thing you have to spend money on.

There are several boxes available for you, and you can decide what aspects of the box you're looking for. Whether you need more connections for more devices or you're looking to get DRM protected content through your cable company, they have a box that can fit just about any lifestyle. Make sure to check out the differences between all the boxes on SiliconDust's website to figure out which may be the best for you.

What is DRM protected content?

DRM protected content is copyrighted content that you have to purchase the rights to view it. The viewers have to be able to buy the rights to that content; it's similar to buying a movie or show from Apple or Google. Since HDHomeRun does not have the rights to those contents, they have to be purchased through a local cable provider so these kinds of shows can be viewed.

You'll have to reach out to your cable provider to purchase the content and be able to watch those shows on an HDHomeRun device. Once the rights have been purchased for that content, you can stream them right to your HDHomeRun device and enjoy them with whomever you like.