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Law & Order UK's Kate forgets which side of the court she's on

Law & Order’s Kate Barker faces a moral dilemma when she’s involved in the trial of a woman accused of murdering her abusive husband, leading Kate to forget which side of the courtroom she’s on...

Former Coronation Street and Casualty actress Georgia Taylor, who plays the Crown Prosecutor, reveals Kate is so affected by the story of Alison (Hattie Morahan) during the trial that she considers accepting the lesser charge of manslaughter.

"Kate’s really intuitive and sees cases with a balanced view," explains Georgia. "But, having been a defence barrister for several years, there are moments where she’s conflicted between prosecution and defence."

As the trial unfolds, Kate’s initially torn, despite co-prosecutor Jake (Dominic Rowan) believing Alison’s a cold-blooded killer and that it’s their duty to get justice for the victim.

"Kate’s devoted to seeing justice done," says Georgia. "Jake and Kate usually work quite harmoniously together, but there are moments where they argue. Sometimes she’s pushing in one direction and he’s pulling in another!"

This episode of Law & Order UK screen on ITV tomorrow.