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Another Mother's Son | Jenny Seagrove defies the Nazis in this true tale of wartime pluck

Another Mother's Son Jenny Seagrove Louisa Gould
(Image credit: © Vertigo Films.)

Another Mother's Son Jenny Seagrove Louisa Gould

Wartime heroism, minus the bravado.

Set on Jersey during the German occupation of the Channel Islands, wartime drama Another Mother's Son is a tale of real-life heroism that has no truck with melodramatic bravado. Yet the film’s low-key approach turns out to be quite stirring all the same.

Jenny Seagrove brims with humane decency and defiant resolve as shopkeeper Louisa Gould, who shelters a young Russian prisoner (Julian Kostov) for two years after he escapes from a slave labour camp on the island, while John Hannah, Amanda Abbington and Ronan Keaton display similar pluck as the family members who aid her.

The script and direction are a tad too close to Sunday-night telly. But Louisa’s sober exploits prove increasingly gripping as the story wears on. The film is very good, too, at showing how resentful neighbours in a claustrophobic community such as this can ultimately be as dangerous as jackbooted Nazis.

Certificate 12A. Runtime 103 mins. Director Christopher Menaul

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