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Darling | Lauren Ashley Carter's troubled caretaker cracks up in this Repulsion-style horror thriller

Darling Lauren Ashley Carter

Darling Lauren Ashley Carter

Not to be confused with the Swinging Sixties movie that won Julie Christie an Oscar, Darling is a psychological horror thriller from prolific genre filmmaker Mickey Keating, maker of 2015's paranoid sci-fi chiller Pod and 2016's grindhouse gorefest Carnage Park.

The plot finds a troubled young woman (Lauren Ashley Carter) cracking up after moving into an old, possibly haunted, Manhattan mansion as its caretaker. In a brief cameo, Blade Runner's Sean Young plays the wealthy woman who hires her.

The black-and-white cinematography is very striking, as is the gamine, wide-eyed Carter, her expressive features working overtime amid some hallucinatory effects. In look and mood, the movie recalls Roman Polanski's 1960s classic Repulsion. but the pace is so deathly slow that it never matches its predecessor's disturbing power.

Certificate 18. Runtime 73 mins. Director Mickey Keating

Darling debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 28 February and is available on DVD from Soda Pictures.