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First Kill | A hunting lesson turns dangerous in this B-movie thriller co-starring Bruce Willis

First Kill Bruce Willis Hayden Christiansen
(Image credit: Brian Douglas)

First Kill Bruce Willis Hayden Christiansen

When you only have one shot, don't miss.

Wall Street banker Hayden Christensen and his 11-year-old son (Ty Shelton) are taking a hunting trip in the Ohio woods when they get caught up in the violent aftermath of a bank robbery in the so-so B-movie crime thriller First Kill.

The set-up promises a lean slice of genre filmmaking. Unfortunately, the plot is overstretched and overwrought, with director Steven C Miller taking time out from the action to hit us in the face with symbolism and irony. (Why is Christensen’s alpha male dad going hunting? Answer: to toughen up his meek bullied son.) To be fair, Christensen does a solid enough job in the lead, but Bruce Willis, appearing in his third low-budget Miller movie following Marauders and Extraction, looks visibly bored by his role as the local police chef.

Certificate 15. Runtime 97 mins. Director Steven C Miller

First Kill debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 21 January. Available on DVD & Digital from Signature Entertainment.