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Marauders | Bruce Willis's slippery Cincinnati banker is surely up to no good in this crime thriller

Marauders Christopher Meloni Bruce Willis
(Image credit: Brian Douglas)

The rich will pay.

Routine action thriller Marauders casts Bruce Willis as a short-fused, very slippery banking tycoon whose Cincinnati branches are being hit by a slick but unnecessarily savage gang of raiders. Are they simply in it for the money? Or do they have vengeance in mind?

Willis is going through the motions, but Law & Order's Christopher Meloni delivers a far more committed performance as the determined FBI agent investigating the case, while Johnathon Schaech keeps us guessing as a local cop whose motives may be murky or possibly even noble.

Certificate 15. Runtime 98 mins. Director Steven C Miller

Marauders debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Saturday 9 September. Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Universal.