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61st London Film Festival | Good Time

Good Time Robert Pattinson

Good Time Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson breaks out.

Putting even greater distance between himself and Twilight, Robert Pattinson turns in a terrific performance as a small-time New York crook whose best laid plans go hopelessly awry in this gritty, gripping, low-budget crime thriller. First he ropes his mentally challenged younger brother (played by the film’s co-director, Benny Safdie) into a hare-brained bank robbery scheme. And when his hapless accomplice ends up in police custody, he embarks on a desperate nightlong quest to rescue him, uncaring how many people he has to exploit or deceive to achieve his aim. Directors Josh and Benny Safdie recapture the scuzzy immediacy they brought to their 2014 documentary-style junkie drama Heaven Knows What, but this time they inject the action with a thrilling nervous energy and drive.

Good Time screens today at the Odeon Leicester Square at 11.45am and goes on UK general release from 17 November.