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Inconceivable | Gina Gershon and Nicky Whelan face off in improbable pregnancy thriller

Inconceivable Gina Gershon Nicky Whelan
(Image credit: Patti Perret)

Inconceivable Gina Gershon Nicky Whelan


The title says it all. Overwrought psycho thriller Inconceivable is so wildly implausible it will leave you shaking your head in disbelief or hooting with laughter.

The set-up finds innocent-seeming single mom Katie (ex-Neighbours’ star Nicky Whelan) worming her way into the home and affections of Gina Gershon and Nicolas Cage’s well-heeled medics, Angela and Brian. Thanks to a lurid flashback to her past, we know there’s something dodgy about Katie. And Brian’s wary mother (Faye Dunaway in a thankless part) has her suspicions too.

Inconceivable Nicky Whelan

Yet Angela and Brian clearly haven’t seen The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and Katie is soon ensconced in their guesthouse with her cute four-year-old daughter to act as the couple’s nanny. Trouble duly ensues.

As the plot unfolds, writer Zoe King, daughter of Red Shoe Diaries creator Zalman King, cooks up a convoluted intrigue involving surrogate mothers and embryo donors. The coincidences pile up, but the action never gets particularly gripping.

Certificate 15. Runtime 101 mins. Director

Inconceivable is available on DVD, VOD & Digital HD from Arrow Films.