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Kill Command | Film review - Sci-fi action thriller that punches above its low-budget weight

Kill Command Vanessa Kirby
(Image credit: © Vertigo Films)

Kill Command Vanessa Kirby

Accompanied by an enigmatic tech specialist (Vanessa Kirby), a squad of US marines disembark in a remote location for a training mission and find themselves pitted against relentless robot warriors that become deadlier with every kill.

Kill Command robots

An impressive directorial debut for visual effects supervisor Steven Gomez, British-made sci-fi action thriller Kill Command punches above its low-budget weight thanks to its smart visuals and intriguing plot, even if it does owe a significant debt in style and storytelling to the likes of RoboCop and Terminator.


Certificate 15. Runtime 96 mins. Director Steven Gomez

Kill Command debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere at 10.30pm tonight and is available on Blu-ray & DVD from Signature Entertainment.