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The Party (1968) | Blu-ray release – Peter Sellers at the top of his comedic game

The Party (1968)

From Eureka Entertainment comes Blake Edwards’ 1968 comedy classic The Party, starring Peter Sellers, on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK as part of their Eureka Classics collection.

With the massive success of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Pink Panther cementing his reputation as one of America’s finest directors of comedic cinema, Blake Edwards followed them up with The Party, arguably his greatest film.

The Party (1968)

Indian actor Hrundi V Bakshi (Peter Sellers), who has been brought to Hollywood to star in Son of Gunga Din, is fired because of the chaos he has caused on the set. By mistake, he is invited to a giltzy party given by studio head Fred Clutterbuck. But the disaster that Hrundi caused on the film set is nothing compared to the chaos he causes at the party when he accidentally has his first taste of alcohol…

Structured very much in the style of a Twenties silent comedy, The Party may have not ignited the box-office on its original release but has since earned its reputation as a cult classic and is now highly regarded as one of the best comedies of its era. It is also a showcase for Seller’s improvisational comedy talents and it is also a very clever exercise in filmmaking (with the action taking place mostly on just one set. Henry Mancini's slick score is a further big plus.

The Party (1968)

BLU-RAY SPECIAL FEATURES • 1080p presentation • Original stereo PCM soundtrack • The Party Revolution (16 mins) – a featurette on the groundbreaking filming methods utilised in the films production • Inside The Party (24 mins) – A behind the scenes featurette on the making of the film • Blake Edwards Profile • Walter Mirisch Profile • Ken Wales Profile • Original theatrical trailer