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Slumber | Maggie Q's soporific sleep thriller won't give you nightmares

Slumber Maggie Q
(Image credit: Signature Entertainment)

Slumber Maggie Q

Welcome to the Original Nightmare.

Only mildly scary, soporific horror movie Slumber stars Maggie Q as a briskly rational sleep therapist who has to abandon her scientific scepticism after she comes across a troubled family – husband, wife and two small children – whose nightmarish sleep disorders appear to have a supernatural origin. Former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy livens things up when he turns up as a wacky old timer with special insight into the case - he detects the presence of a parasitic demon or night hag - but the film isn’t really tense enough to keep you awake.

Certificate 15. Runtime 84 mins. Director Jonathan Hopkins

Slumber available on DVD & Digital from Signature Entertainment.