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Brendan O'Carroll: 'We're working on an entirely new show with the Mrs Brown cast' (VIDEO)

mrs brown's boys

Mrs Brown's Boys creator Brendan O'Carroll revealed he's working on an entirely news show with the cast, in addition to the already-announced light entertainment show

Brendan O'Carroll revealed that, as well as new variety show All Round to Mrs Brown's, he is working on a new show with the entire Mrs Brown's Boy's cast.

Brendan and wife Jennifer Gibney talked to What's on TV on the National TV Awards' red carpet and said: "We're working on a new programme altogether, same cast, but a different type of show altogether, so we'll see what happens."

He revealed a little more about All Round to Mrs Brown's: "It's a light entertainment show. Kathy (Jennifer) has got her own talk show where Mrs Brown sits in..."

Jennifer interjected: "Graham Norton's job is safe, it's definitely safe!"

Brendan continued: "...but Mrs Brown sits in just to make sure she's OK."

Jennifer added: " other words to interfere."

Brendan said: "There's a couple of good twists in there. It's good fun."

Do you get to sing?

"It's possible."

He also said the celebrity guests in the first series would be talk shows hosts, like Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton, 'just to turn the tables on them'.

*Mrs Brown's Boys won Best Comedy at the 2017 National TV Awards