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‘The time is right for Aaron to tell David how he feels,’ says Neighbours’ Matt Wilson

Neighbours, Matt Wilson, Aaron Brennan)

Aaron Brennan finally gives in to his feelings for David Tanaka in Neighbours, reveals star Matt Wilson...

Watching Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka sending out mixed messages and missing each other at every turn in Neighbours is sooo frustrating. But it looks like that’s about to change.

“It’s thanks to David’s brother, Leo,” Matt Wilson told Soaplife. “Leo’s at a karaoke night at The Waterhole and he’s sick of the guys misreading each other’s signals, so he practically forces Aaron to tell David how he really feels!”

It’s obvious to everyone that Aaron and David should be together. Why haven’t they been able to see it? “They’ve been hiding their emotions – as people often do. For Aaron’s part, although he’s really wanted to be with David [Takaya Honda], he’s been wary because David’s only recently come out. It’s a whole exciting new world for David and Aaron hasn’t wanted to lock him down in a relationship. He’s trying to let David be free, but that’s getting harder and harder because he loves him so much.

"David’s everything Aaron wants to be – a smart, successful, really nice guy with no enemies. Meanwhile, Aaron is everything David would like to be – open, free-spirited and enthusiastic about everything. They’re very different, but opposites attract.”

So what happens on their night out? “They go to the karaoke night and Leo practically orders Aaron to tell David how he feels. It feels like the time is right.”

And is it right? “That would be telling. But if David knocks Aaron back, he’ll be totally heartbroken. He’ll have put his feelings on the line in a very public place and, in addition to feeling rejected, his pride will be hurt, too.”

Let’s think positively… Would you like them to be together? “I’d love it. It would be the real deal for them and they’d be perfect together. It would also have great potential for storylines – especially comedy stuff as they set up home together and got used to living together. There’d be David wanting to stay at home while Aaron would want to party all the time.”

Maybe they’ll get married! “Not in Australia they won’t. Gay marriage isn’t legal in Oz yet – although hopefully that will change soon. Perhaps they could come to the UK or go to New Zealand to tie the knot! That would be ace.”

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