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Life after Ramsay Street: What's next for Neighbours' Ned Willis?

Goodbye Ned! Ex-Neighbours star Ben Hall is swapping Ramsay Street for the lead role in an Australian musical, Only Heaven Knows.

Have you been down in the dumps since hunky Ned Willis packed his bags and left Ramsay Street last month for a job as a tattoo artist on the Gold Coast in Queensland?

We had hoped Ned might stick around Erinsborough and pursue his romance with Elly - it would certainly distract the High School teacher and stop her picking on Piper every five minutes! Plus, it was nice to see Ned regularly walking about, showing off his chest tattoo. But sadly all good things come to an end.

Ben Hall, who played the part for almost a year hasn't ruled out a return to the Aussie soap in the future. But for now, the actor is returning to his roots in musical theatre and has the lead role in a 30th anniversary production of Australian musical, Only Heaven Knows.

Ben stars as Tim in the production, which is set in Melbourne during the 1940s and 1950s and follows the story of a group of gay men and women discovering post-war freedom in the area of King's Cross. There's a whole lot of singing and dancing going on, which is no problem for Ben who previously appeared in a production of Les Miserables.

Ben Hall in Only Heaven Knows

No news yet if this production of Only Heaven Knows will make it across to the UK when it ends its run in Australia this summer. So we'll just have to make do with this nice photo of Ben from the play and hope it is not too long before we see him sun-bathing in the back garden of Number 32 again. Sigh!