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15 heartwarming reactions to Channel 4's documentary, Dementiaville

A new documentary about a radical approach to dementia care had viewers wiping their eyes.

Channel 4's first episode of Dementiaville (opens in new tab) looked at how three women were coping with their husbands’ Alzheimer’s disease with unwavering care and love.

It was set at the incredible Poppy Lodge in the Midlands where staff help residents remember by recreating moments from their past.

If you missed it here’s a trailer:


Here are some of the most heartwarming reactions to the show.

Loving #dementiaville on @Channel4, such an insight into what working with dementia is like and how it should be done properly! #dementia

— mel brown (@melbrown_x) June 4, 2015


#Dementiaville truly inspiring and the kind of quality all our elder care should be

— Claire McDonald (@ClaireEMcDonald) June 4, 2015


I spend every day with people living with dementia & I'm in bits watching this It reinforces why I get up every morning #dementiaville

— Training For Carers (@trainingcarers) June 4, 2015


oh god I hope when im old my partner is as commited and loves me as much as jean loved bob #Dementiaville #truelove

— donna morris (@nonaski4) June 4, 2015


The UK should use this model for all our dementia patients, obvious really #Dementiaville

— Tina Townsend (@tinaannt) June 4, 2015


Watching dementiaville, so sad. Work with people like this daily & it's heartbreaking watching them fade away #Dementiaville

— Lorraine Simpson (@laneyp82) June 4, 2015


"To not forget the past, but encourage it" #Dementiaville

— Anna Acton (@acton_anna) June 4, 2015


Excellent programme on dementia & dementia care #Dementiaville C4. Well done to the team that made it and the team at Poppy Lodge.

— Elonka Soros (@ElonkaSoros) June 4, 2015


Seeing people being so person-centred and going above and beyond to find things they will thrive on is wonderful #dementiaville

— Michelle (@SWintheNW) June 4, 2015


Staff wearing pyjamas at night, great idea. More ideas in @jrf_uk report on care homes at night #Dementiaville

— Claire Turner (@jrfclaire) June 4, 2015


Craig on #Dementiaville is inspiring – very powerful and emotional programme after personally having two grandparents who had dementia

— Restorative Practice (@Markfinnis) June 4, 2015


Dementia is 1 of the most cruelest illnesses there is! But the way the sufferers r being treated at poppy lodge is amazing! #Dementiaville

— Melly J (@mellydnbj) June 4, 2015


#Dementiaville is truly wonderful, and makes me feel slightly less terrified about growing older.

— Lois A Rose (@LoisARose11) June 4, 2015


#Dementiaville – stunning, overwhelming. The strength and love of the families and carers is so reassuring…speaks to the best of humanity.

— Becky Kent (@BecksTV) June 4, 2015


#Dementiaville. Truly warm, honest, heartwarming and heartbreaking. Really wonderful televison

— Henry Pettigrew (@henrypettigrew) June 4, 2015


The second episode of Dementiaville will air on Channel 4 on Thursday, June 11 at 9pm.

And you can still catch up on All 4 (opens in new tab).


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