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Alison King - 7 things you didn’t know about the Coronation Street star

Alison King Coronation Street
Coronation Street actress Alison King arrives for the wedding of fellow Coronation Street actress Helen Worth, who plays Gail Platt in the popular television soap opera, to Trevor Dawson at St James Church in London. (Image credit: PA)

Everything you need to know about Alison King, who plays Carla Connor in Coronation Street...

Coronation Street without Carla Connor would be like The Rovers without hotpot on the menu. Since joining the soap back in 2006, actress Alison King has been at the centre of some of the biggest storylines Coronation Street has seen, including battling alcoholism, sexual assault at the hands of Frank Foster, and her hard-hitting mental health breakdown.

Alison has become a firm favourite on the ITV soap over the years, but there are still a few things she’s managed to keep hidden…

Most fans of the actress will know that:

  • She's won countless awards for her role in Coronation Street
  • She is a big fan of Liverpool FC
  • She was the face of Boddingtons beer in 2004

But what else do we know about Alison? Here are several things you probably don't know...

Alison King: little known facts about the Coronation Street actress...

 1. Alison King hasn't always been an actress

She might be a TV star these days, but Alison has had plenty of other jobs before finding her dream career. Not only did she move to Newquay in Cornwall at the age of 18 to work at Fat Willys Surf Shack, she also spent four years as a dental nurse before enrolling at the North Cheshire Theatre School at the age of 22.

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2. She’s a thoughtful friend

Kym Marsh and Alison King

Alison and Kym have been best friends for years (Picture: PA) (Image credit: Eamonn and James Clarke/PA Images)

It’s no secret that Alison and fellow Coronation Street star Kym Marsh are the best of mates, but their friendship runs deep. Kym explained to OK! Magazine that Alison makes a touching gesture every year for her late son Archie, who died in 2009 after being born 18 weeks early… "Alison’s daughter Daisy shares the same birthday as Archie, Ali had just given birth when she heard I had lost Archie. So every year on Daisy's birthday they always send me a photo of a candle they have lit for Archie."

3. Carla Connor wasn’t her first Coronation Street role

Before getting the role as Underworld’s head honcho, Alison had previously appeared on the show in one episode in 2004 as a different character, Mrs Fanshaw. But fast forward two years and she was back after being cast as Carla Connor in 2006.

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4. Rupert Grint is one of her favourite former co-stars

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Alison became friends with the Harry Potter star when they both appeared on dark comedy Sick Note. The actress told us: "He’s an absolute treasure, we got the giggles a lot. There was one night when I’d gone for a drink after work and sitting near us were the biggest Harry Potter fans ever, I could hear them talking about the films. I wanted to say, 'You’ll never guess who I’ve been working with today!'"

5. Alison King does yoga to relax

Alison might have a jam-packed schedule filming at Coronation Street, but she still makes time to unwind after work. She told us: "I live half an hour away from the Coronation Street studios, so the drive home is my time to switch off. I also like a bit of yoga and meditation, and of course I always look forward to spending time my daughter, Daisy."

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6. She used to be in Brookside

Whilst training at theatre school, Alison got her first television role as hairdresser Helen in two episodes of Brookside. But that’s not the only TV role she had before joining Coronation Street, Alison also played Lynda Block in Sky One’s Dream Team.

7. She’s not a fan of reality TV

While the rest of the nation might be glued to the latest reality TV show on offer, Alison has confessed she would much rather watch a gritty drama or an engrossing documentary. She told us: "Love Island isn’t my thing and as a mum of a daughter I just wouldn’t watch it."

Alison King's Fact File 

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the actress....

How old is she?

Alison King's age is 47. Her date of birth is 3 march 1973.

Is she in a relationship?

Alison King is engaged to David Stuckley. Sadly the pair were forced to cancel their wedding in Greece thanks coronavirus, but the date has been rescheduled.

Does she have kids?

Alison King has one daughter called Daisy.

Where was she born?

Alison King was born in Leicester.

How tall is she?

Alison King's height is 1.65 metres tall.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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Main Alison King picture: PA