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Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, and Lenora Crichlow could reunite for a one-off special of Being Human

BBC3’s Supernatural drama Being Human may have finished in 2013, with its first stars Russell Tovey, Poldark's Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow leaving a couple of series before the end, but the three could now be about to reunite in a one-off special!

Speaking at the recent MCM Comic Con event, they speculated on how they’d like to see their characters - George the Werewolf (Russell), Mitchell the vampire (Aidan) and Annie the ghost (Lenora) – come together again. As all three characters died during the run of Being Human, any new drama would probably have to be set in the afterlife….

"A special would be kind of fun, wouldn't it?” said Russell who, after Being Human, went on to star in comedy Him & Her, US series Looking and BBC1 dramas Banished and What Remains. “A Christmas special in Hell - that'd be fun, wouldn't it? Everyone's gone to Purgatory or Hell or Heaven, so it'd have to be in the afterworld. We're all there. Maybe it's just a replica in the afterworld and we just carry on."