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Angela Rippon, Paddy McGuinness to co-host ITV's OAP game show, Amazing Greys

Angela Rippon is set to front an ITV game show which will see young people compete against pensioners.

The broadcaster is taking a stand against TV ageism by recruiting the Rip Off Britain presenter to host Amazing Greys, a Generation Game-inspired show, according to The Sun.

She will be joined by co-host Paddy McGuinness in the programme which will feature old people with incredible physical or mental talents.

Contestants who take on the pensioners, who have perfected their skills over a lifetime, will take home £10,000 if they win, but walk away empty handed if they lose.

Angela, 69, said: "The show will celebrate some of our most talented senior citizens and I will be there to cheer them on as they take on the younger contestants."

TV bosses have come under fire for ditching older female stars in favour of younger replacements, with deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman accusing broadcasters last year of 'pushing (women) out the door'.

Amazing Greys is due to screen on ITV on a weekend night from later in the spring.