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Apple Music now has music videos on Apple devices with Apple Music TV

Apple Music now has a video section full of uninterrupted music videos.
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Those of us of a certain age remember a time in which music videos were a thing — and an important thing, at that. Today, music videos are still a thing, and Apple is now doing a little more to help the regain some sort of import.

If you're a user of Apple Music, you might notice a new "videos" tab that aptly shows, among other things, music videos. It's a full stream of them, in fact, with no real interruptions or on-screen nonsense. It also has interviews with some of your favorite stars, as well as live performances. That's Apple Music TV, and it's a stream that just keeps on streaming.

There also are a few categories of music video from which to choose, including pop, country, hip-hop/r&b, and kids and family. For anything approaching the rock side of the equation, you'll need to dive into the playlists and then presumably wade through a few hours of Imagine Dragons. We'll just have to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. (I'm not expecting to be too impressed, though.)

Look for special events to drop, too, like an all-day Springsteenpalooza to coincide with his new album on Oct. 22.

You don't have to actually have a subscription to enjoy Apple Music TV, but you will have to be in the United States.

Still, more music is always a good thing. Kick back, relax and enjoy.

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