Batman v Superman Extended Addition Heads to HBO Max

Justice League Affleck Gadot Snyder

Source: Warner Bros. (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Great news, Batman v Superman fans. According to IGN , If you love, love, loved Zack Snyder's grimdark iteration of the story revolving around The Caped Crusader and The World's Greatest Detective, HBO Max has scrapped the theatrical version on its streaming platform and replaced it with The Ultimate Cut.

What's the difference? Well, to start, The Ultimate Edition is about 3 hours long (as opposed to the theatrical cut's two and a half hours). Those extra thirty minutes give you extra glimpses of Lois Lane (Amy Adams), Superman (Henry Cavill) interrogating Gothamites about The Batman (Ben Affleck), the actual acknowledgment that the camera man that died was Jimmy Olson, and several other small tidbits. So, if you're one of the folks who just couldn't get enough Batman v Superman , you're going to want to fire up HBO Max and check out this extended version.

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This switch comes after HBO Max had initially intended to remove much of the DCEU films. After fan outcry, they elected to keep the films on the service. Much like, after fan outcry, they decided "release the Snyder Cut" of Justice League . The caveat being that "The Snyder Cut" does not, nor has it ever existed. Instead, Warner Brothers and HBO Max will team up to create the version of the film a select subset of fans have been clamoring for for years. Folks can keep an eye out for that sometime in 2021.

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