Callum Woodhouse reveals how he's coping with The Durrells' success: 'I keep pinching myself!'

Thanks to the success of The Durrells, Callum Woodhouse's first job has catapulted him into national attention.

Here, Callum tells What's on TV how he’s adjusting to life in the spotlight and what lies in store for gun-loving Leslie Durrell…

The Durrells is a runaway success. Have you had a good reception from fans of the show?

"I keep pinching myself! Last week I did the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Daisy Waterstone who plays Margo Durrell, and when we came out there were lots of paparazzi and people wanting us to sign autographs. That’s the first time that’s happened and it was really weird! But, other than that there’s not been anything."

How have your friends and family been supporting you?

"My friends and family have been amazing. They keep phoning and texting me to say how much they love the show."

Is it true this is your first role since leaving drama school?

"Yes! I did a few auditions for The Durrells. And then, an hour before I went on to do my final performance at university, my agent rang me to tell me I’d got the job. The university part was of a depressive guy in war, but in the wings I had the biggest grin on my face!"

Working in Corfu for your first job, not bad...

"It’s been the most amazing experience of my life so far. But I’m sure series two will top it!"

Did it help having an experienced talent like Keeley Hawes playing Durrell matriarch, Louisa?

"Keeley has been an absolute godsend. She’s been an amazing, guiding figure, but without ever being condescending in any way. It’s been amazing working with her and she’s taught me so much."

What valuable things have you learned?

"I never realised how long there is to set up between scenes. Keeley taught me how to keep my energy up in-between takes and to keep yourself busy so you don’t go stir-crazy on set. It’s been a real blessing that the five of us playing the Durrell family got along so well from the start. It made for a great family dynamic on and off screen."

Before we let you go, can you reveal what’s in store for Leslie in this Sunday’s episode?

"My character Leslie ends up in court and things get very tense and serious. He’s made friends with island criminals Fotis and Sotos and they’re very bad influences on him. It’s quite sad really. He’s a bit lost since he split up with his girlfriend. He’s been moodier and grumpier than usual. Even his mother Louisa finds him hard to be around. Leslie’s hanging around the house in his underwear, depressed, and he’s not even shooting any more – that’s how down he is!"

Find out what lies in store for Leslie this Sunday on ITV at 8pm

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