Ethan's SHOCK EXIT in Casualty! George Rainsford on Ethan's future...

Casualty legend Ethan treats Big Al's daughter Abigail
(Image credit: BBC)

The rumours are true. Ethan Hardy is taking a break from Casualty. We find out more from George Rainsford who plays him…

Casualty legend Doctor Ethan Hardy is forced to face his on-going trauma since the terrorist attack when he ends up treating Big Al’s grieving daughter, Abigail.

The encounter leads Ethan to decide its time for a sabbatical! But don’t worry, it’s not the last we see of the lovely senior medic. In a break from Casualty tradition, he doesn’t leave as soon as his shift ends!

We caught up with George Rainsford, who plays Ethan in Casualty, to find out more…

How has Ethan been dealing with the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Casualty?

George Rainsford: "Ethan’s way of coping with Big Al’s death has been to throw himself into work. Yet three months later he still feels awful about it and blames himself intensely."

Is Ethan shocked when he realises Abigail (Molly Jackson-Shaw) is Big Al’s daughter?

GR: "He wasn’t expecting Big Al’s daughter to turn up. Abigail asks a lot of questions. Molly, who plays her, was lovely. Abigail’s arrival is a reminder about everything that happened three months ago…"

Ethan being treated by paramedic Jan Jenning at the site of the terrorist attach on Holby

Survivor's guilt. Ethan is still deeply affected by his near-death experience (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Will he answer her questions?

GR: "Initially Ethan’s scared to talk through what happened. He feels like he let Big Al die and thinks he could have done something about it. But Abigail’s insistent because she doesn’t actually know what her father’s last moments were like."

How does Abigail react to Ethan’s honesty?

GR: "She doesn’t think he’s to blame and they both get some closure. And afterwards, under the advice of Will Noble, Ethan decides that he needs a break from Holby, to get away and clear his head."

Nurse Jade with Abigail

Holby girls. Abigail and Jade get along famously (Image credit: BBC)

Does this mean you’re going to be off our screens for a while?

GR: "Yes for a bit. But Ethan doesn’t leave until a later episode…"

Would you eventually like to see Ethan experience some contentment?

GR: "I get quite a lot of messages about this! People see him as the kind of person who should settle down and have some happiness now. But the trouble is, there’s not a lot of drama with that. It’s not something I’m against, I just want interesting stories!"

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Find out how Ethan’s exit story develops when Casualty airs on Saturday 23 November at 9.10pm.

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