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'It's so bittersweet!' Casualty viewers worry for Ethan as he shares a shock kiss with Alicia

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Ethan isn't aware that Alicia's lying to him...

Casualty viewers have been left with mixed feelings after Ethan Hardy and Alicia Munroe shared a surprise kiss - with Ethan unaware that Alicia has been lying to him.

On Saturday night’s show acting clinical lead Ethan (George Rainsford) struggled to cope with pressure from the board over patient backlogs as well as revelations about the dangerous conditions in the ED on the blog Rage In Resus - which is secretly being written by doctor Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny).

Despite her lies, Alicia comforted Ethan by reassuring him that the website doesn’t criticise him personally and then took things to a new level by kissing him at the end of the day.

Whilst many fans were excited about the former lovebirds rekindling their romance, others voiced their concern for Ethan given that Alicia is the person behind the blog which is causing him so much trouble.

‘im so torn about loving this scene with alicia comforting ethan when she’s the one behind the blog that’s upsetting him #Casualty,’ one viewer wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘THIS IS ALL I’VE WANTED FOR MONTHS BUT ITS SO BITTERSWEET. Ethan’s gonna find out about the blog and then they’ll stop talking to each other for months again’

Meanwhile one posted: ‘Alicia is being so two faced. I hope she gets found out, although I think it will break Ethan. #Casualty’

And another agreed: ‘Poor Ethan. Being messed around by Alicia. What are her motivations?'

Other fans of the show are hoping that somehow things might work out for them, though.

‘Ethan and Alicia are too cute #Casualty,’ one admirer tweeted.

And a fellow fan wrote: ‘I'm so happy Ethan and Alicia have reunited, I do hope Alicia's blog won't ruin their rekindled relationship. #Casualty’

However it looks like the course of true love won’t exactly run smoothly for Ethan and Alicia, with a preview clip of next week’s episode showing Ethan losing his cool with the secret blogger.

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