Cat Girl (1957) | DVD review - This rarely seen vintage British chiller starring Barbara Shelley is worth a revisit

Cat Girl DVD cover

SYNOPSIS When her dead uncle’s escaped leopard mauls her adulterous husband (Jack May), wealthy Leonora (Barbara Shelley) becomes obsessed by the idea that she is heir to a 700-year-old ancestral curse, causing her ‘to have the cunning and blood lust of a feline’. Convinced Leonora risks losing her sanity, psychiatrist Dr Brian Marlowe (Robert Ayres) takes her away from the morbid surroundings of the estate to recover at a London sanatorium – but not before Leonora’s elderly housekeeper (Lily Kann) gives her a dire warning: that the curse will follow her to her grave.

Barbara Shelley in Cat Girl

THE LOWDOWN A curious concoction of psychological thriller and old dark house cliché, with echoes of Universal’s 1930s horrors, Cat Girl stars Barbara Shelley (who would go on to become the First Leading Lady of British Horror), and is directed by Alfred Shaughnessy (who’d go on to helm TV’s Upstairs, Downstairs).

Network Distributing presents this British update of the 1942 classic Cat People in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio 1:33 with mono audio. The extras include trailer, image gallery and promotional material (in pdf).