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Channel 5 to screen Prisoner Cell Block H remake

Australian prison drama Prisoner Cell Block H is being revamped and remade to screen on Channel 5.

The classic soap opera about a women's prison has been renamed Wentworth and will screen as a 10-part series on the channel later this year.

Prisoner Cell Block H ran from 1979 to 1986, but the new version looks to be a gritty take on the show and Channel 5 have described it as a 'graphic, edgy reboot' of the original series.

It will star Danielle Cormack (pictured) and Nicole da Silva as lead inmates Bea Smith and Franky Doyle.

Bea Smith was originally played by Val Lehman and Carol Burns was Franky Doyle.

Channel 5's head of acquisitions Katie Keenan said: "Wentworth will be a great addition to Channel 5's drama output this autumn.

"This compelling cast of female characters packs an emotional punch and will appeal to the Channel 5 viewers who love our range of crime output from dramas to factual series."

Prisoner Cell Block H was created as a 16-part mini-series, but ended up running for 692 episodes.

In 1981 a male version of the show, called Punishment, was commissioned, but despite starring Mel Gibson as one of the prisoners it was not a success and folded after just 39 episodes.