Emmerdale’s Louise Marwood: 'Chrissie doesn't hold back – she's nasty to everyone!'

Chrissie White, Emmerdale

Louise Marwood says Andy Sugden experiences the downside of sleeping with the lady of the manor when his relationship with Chrissie White sours in Emmerdale.

Furious to discover that he plotted to kill his brother Robert and allowed her dad Lawrence to be arrested for the crime, Chrissie White frames Andy Sugden, Emmerdale actress Louise Marwood tells Soaplife...

What has pushed Chrissieover the edge? “It’s not just one thing. This has all been building up and finding out that Andy [Kelvin Fletcher] was behind Robert [Ryan Hawley] getting shot sends her over the edge. A large part of it is probably down to what Robert did to her. Chrissie reclaims her power and it is unfortunate for Andy that he is the target. However, she doesn’t hold back – she ends up being nasty to everyone!”

Why has Andy’s part in Robert’s shooting upset her so much? “The problem is, Chrissie thought that Andy was a sincere and good-hearted person. She knows that Robert deserved it, but to hear that Andy was the person who tried to kill him is a complete curveball. He is not the person she thought he was.”

How does she react when she hears him leaving a message for Bernice? “That’s the last straw. Prior to that, she sees a photo that Holly [Sophie Powles] took with Andy and Bernice [Samantha Giles] kissing in the background. This crystallises her thinking. Chrissie has had enough of being a victim. The love for Andy flips into hatred and she is determined to make him pay for what he has done.”

What is her plan? “Lachlan [Thomas Atkinson] is in trouble when he shoots Lawrence [John Bowe] in a rage. The police investigate and Chrissie desperately wants to protect her son. She sees a window of opportunity, which becomes a way of saving Lachlan and getting her own back on Andy.”

Will Lachlan go along with it? “Chrissie is very persuasive! Lachlan is relieved not to be in the firing line and pleased that his mum is looking after him. He is uncomfortable about it and so is Lawrence, but Chrissie manages to turn it around and make it look as if it is the Whites versus everyone else.”

Does Andy realise Chrissie is setting him up? “No, that is what is so clever about it. She acts the innocent, visits him in prison and tells him that she loves him. Andy is really glad of her support.”