Citizen Khan's Adil Ray: ‘Mr Khan sacrifices something he loves in the Christmas special!'

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Comedy actor Adil Ray reveals Mr Khan enters into the Christmas spirit in this year's special festive episode. But prepare for a painful moment when the self-appointed Birmingham community leader is forced to sacrifice something very precious to him…

Will there be a strong festive feel to the Citizen Khan Christmas special?

"We always like to put the Khans right in the heart of Christmas. In the past we’ve had Mr Khan dressed as Father Christmas, coming down chimneys, and flying through the air with a star. So this year it’s very much of the same ilk – we take a little bit of artistic license and have Mr Khan once again doing something very Christmassy!"

What can you reveal?

"The storyline involves the local community centre. They’re putting together a Winter Wonderland, but it doesn’t quite go to plan. Because it hasn’t really worked out, Mr Khan arrives and has to get involved. He tries to make it better and, inadvertently succeeds!"

Does he have any help?

"His youngest daughter Alia (Bhavna Limbachia) helps him make the Sparkhill Winter Wonderland a success. There are some great scenes involving live donkeys!"

So you’ve no qualms about working with animals?

"We had a very well trained therapy donkey on set! It was great fun. And last year we had cows. I have to say, the donkeys aren’t as intensive as the cow scenes last year. And we also have babies on the set too, now that Mr Khan is a grandfather!"

Last year baby Mohammad was born at Christmas. Will there be any surprises this time round?

"What we try to do is have a ‘heart’ moment in there. And there is when Mr Khan has to sacrifice something he loves. You’ll see him let go of something you’d never thought in a million years he would. But I can’t give it away…"

Sounds like it’s a big decision for Mr Khan. Was it struggle for you too?

"I wasn’t in favour of it until my co-writers sat me down and convinced me it would be really good if Mr Khan were to let go of this one thing. It will make for a very sad moment for Mr Khan but hopefully the episode is an enjoyable one.

Can you give us a hint?

"All I will say is that it’s an iconic part of the show!"

Find out what Mr Khan parts with when Citizen Khan’s Christmas Special screens on BBC1 Friday, december 18.


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