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Call the Midwife and panto star Cliff Parisi : 'I love playing Nonnatus House caretaker Fred Buckle'

Cliff Parisi, EastEnders

Ex-EastEnders star Cliff Parisi talked to Soaplife about panto, Call The Midwife’s new series and his New Year resolution!

Famous for playing Minty Petersen in EastEnders and Fred Buckle in Call The Midwife, Cliff Parisi told Soaplife about the upcoming series of Call the Midwife and his current panto role…

What's the story?

"I’m playing a character called Fleshcreep in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Gordon Craig theatre in Stevenage, Hertfordshire," Cliff Parisi told Soaplife. "Fleshcreep is the giant’s gofer and he’s a bit of a baddie, which is a novelty for me because I usually play the chirpy chappie in panto.”

Cliff Parisi chats to Soaplife about the new series of Call the Midwife and playing a pantomime baddie!

Soaplife: You sound as if you’ve done loads of pantos, Cliff!

Cliff Parisi: “Not really. This is only my third time. I enjoy doing panto but it is exhausting – sometimes three shows a day. I only do panto if I can take the family along with me, or I can get home easily – and I can easily get back from Stevenage to my home in London.”

SL: Call the Midwife will be on telly soon…

CP: “Yes – it starts in January. I love playing Nonnatus House caretaker Fred Buckle and I love the show. I wish it was a year-round shoot rather than a five-month one.”

SL: This is series seven of Midwife – can you believe that?

CP: “It is amazing. When we started, we knew it was good but had no idea it would prove to be as popular as it is. It goes from strength to strength and we’ve already been commissioned for two more series. How good is that?!”

 SL: Great! What’s new for Fred in this series?

CP: “That would be telling, but young Reggie’s back with Fred and his wife Vi which is lovely.”

SL: It’s seven years since you left EastEnders… Do you ever think of your character, Minty Petersen?

CP: “I am reminded of him practically every day. People shout, ‘Oi, Minty!’ whenever they see me. I don’t mind, though. I’m extremely grateful both to Minty and Eastenders. I had a great time playing him.”

SL: Will we ever see him back in Albert Square?

CP: “Never say never! I prefer going forward to going back but if Midwife ended and they came up with a great storyline for Minty, who knows?”

SL: Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

CP: “Oh, I don’t know. . . Maybe I’ll give up meat and become a vegetarian – although maybe not. I tried it once and fainted! Thinking about it, I’d like to be more environmentally friendly. Yeah – that’s my resolution for 2018.”