'Close To Me' fans 'hooked' on 'creepy' new Christopher Eccleston thriller

Connie Nielsen
'Close To Me' proved a hit with viewers. (Image credit: Channel 4)

Close To Me began on C4 on Sunday night, and fans are already gripped after the first episode. 

The new thriller series is based on the novel by Amanda Reynolds, and follows the story of Jo Harding (Connie Nielsen) who loses her memory of the past year after suffering an accident. She's told she fell down the stairs — but is this really what happened?

Connie stars alongside Christopher Eccleston, who plays her devoted husband Rob who's trying to help her piece together the events of the past year, while reminding her of significant life events such as their son going to university. 

Jo has no recollection of anything, even confused by the colour of her hair as she can't remember dying it blonde.

Jo even talks about how different her husband looks after commenting on his appearance, to which he explains he's lost weight and now wears contact lenses instead of glasses. These are all seemingly normal changes, but to Jo they're overwhelming. She also finds it hard to adjust to being back in the house after the accident, especially when she spots blood on the staircase and is convinced someone had broken into the house.

She's guided by her inner monologue throughout the series, which also helps the viewers patch some of the dark truths together. 

Speaking about playing the lead role, Connie Nielsen, who plays Jo, tells us: "I loved this story from the beginning as the idea of identity — and how our memories affect that — fascinated me. Are we our memories? Jo loses some of her memories. But she also starts recovering other ones that she had repressed for many years, which indicates that she's not who she thought she was. It’s a conundrum about who we are and physically and mentally, makes us us!"

The first episode has impressed viewers, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the "gripping plot" which introduces us to Jo's situation.

One viewer wrote: "I thought this was terrific. An opening hour where no scene was wasted. Imaginatively directed and great central performance. I'm hooked."

Another added: "Ooh Absolutely loved the first episode of #CloseToMe - what a gripping story! Congratulations!"

Another said: "That was good, creepy without being too dark. #CloseToMe"

And a fourth wrote: "Oh. I’m in. Excellent tv. #CloseToMe"

With the first episode so well received, no doubt fans will be keen to see what happens next week!

Close To Me continues on Sunday 14th November at 9pm on C4, but the entire episode is available as an All4 boxset if you just can't wait.

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