Coach Trip 2017: Who's in this series and how Brendan Sheerin rates them!

Coach Trip: Road to Zante
Brendan's back with a new series of E4's Coach Trip! (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

Coach Trip maestro Brendan Sheerin dishes the dirt on this year’s Coach Trip contestants…

Brendan Sheerin (opens in new tab) is ready to hit the road with a new series of E4’s Coach Trip. With non-stop sun, booze and gossip, and all of this year’s contestants under the age of 30, it’s like Big Brother on wheels!

This week the first seven pairs of travellers stuff their luggage into the hold and board the bus with broad grins. It’s all smiles until the first vote…

Before 24 hours have passed one person is injured and needs a hospital, two contestants have become romantically entwined – ruffling feathers in the process – and a feud begins between some of the travellers, resulting in some tit-for-tat-voting!

Coach Trip conductor Brendan gives What’s on TV (opens in new tab) insider info on the 14 new arrivals, as they begin a 40-day adventure from Cannes to Zante. They hope…

“The starting line up this year is very, very good,” said Brendan. “The contestants are young, but they have to learn to network with each other, do the activities and form friendships. And, at the end of every day, they still have to vote for each other. With this lot, it’s raw!”

Ash and Latham

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Will Ash and Latham find love on Coach Trip? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Ash and Latham are both 22, from Nuneaton, close childhood friends, and looking for adventure.

Brendan said: “Ash and Latham are two lads about town and both absolutely girl mad. Nice lads, but they don’t know whether they’re in Bournemouth or Bologna.

“Ash is also an MMA fighter and particularly handsome. There’s going to be a romantic edge. All I’ll say is ‘shower’. Look out for a girl called Hollye. I’ll say no more, but you wait till you see it!”


Chantal and Hollye

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Chantal and Hollye start off as strangers, will they become BBFs? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Chantal, 26, from Newcastle and Hollye, 25, from Bournemouth, are solo travellers paired together. They hit it off immediately, but will their friendship last?

Brendan said: “Chantal is a really sweet and down-to-earth Newcastle lass – she does a lot of dating. Chantal is paired with Hollye, another solo traveller.”


Grant and Tash

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Best pals Grant and Tash have each other's backs. We prefer #Tant to #Gash (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Grant, 21, and Tash, 22, are best friends from Chesterfield. They want to be known as #Gash. Let’s hope that doesn’t catch on…

Brendan said: “Grant and Tash are lovely. Grant’s looking for the right man and Tash is his best mate. They’re absolutely outrageous.”


Joely and Liam

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Joely and Liam are a couple. Will that work against them? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Dover couple Joely, 21, and Liam, 20, are very firmly a couple. Joely’s lucky number is 7. Not sure how that’s relevant. They’re also professional models apparently.

Brendan said: “This Dover couple are very nice. Joely can be fearful a lot of the time, but she conquers her fears and is up for anything, as is her plumber boyfriend Liam.

“He’s all right is Liam, but you wonder… the light is on but I don’t think anybody is home! But if your central heating broke he’d be an angel.”


Mark and Charlotte

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Will Mark's fears get his and Charlotte's card marked? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Supermarket workers Mark, 34, and Charlotte, 26, are mates from Manchester. He’s afraid of everything, which might make them an easy target when it comes to voting. Mark’s also dotty for Dolly Parton, but who’s going to tell him that the closest he’ll get to her on Coach Trip is Brendan in a blonde wig…?

Brendan said: "Mark is lovely, very sweet and comical. Charlotte is lovely too. Charlotte throws herself 150 per cent into activities, but Mark is very worried about everything. Often he can’t get over the fear element during activities – even though I offer to do one with him!”


Mitch and Mark

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Mitch and Mark. Are they rappers or sweet wrappers? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Trainee barbers Mitch, 23, and Mark, 28, have nicknamed themselves M&M, or is that Eminem? Rumour has it they’re both in long-term relationships so not looking for love on Coach Trip.

Brendan said: “They’re two very close mates from Bristol. They’re like twins. They even dress the same!”


Zhana and Jae

Coach Trip: Road to Zante

Will Zhana and Jae confuse the other contestants with a twin swap? (Image credit: Channel 4 Television)

In a nutshell: Unlike Mitch and Mark, Zhana and Jae are actual twins. The 23-year-olds from Oxford have similar tastes in most things – including men! Could get awkward?

Brendan said: “The twins from Oxford are lovely. They’re a bit reserved but eventually start to come out of their shells, which is good to see.”

Coach Trip: Road to Zante premieres on E4 on July 24, and screens each night Monday to Friday

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