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Cobra Kai Season 3: Johnny Lawrence fires up Miguel Diaz in a new clip

Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence (Billy Zabka) confronts Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) in hospital in the new Cobra Kai clip. (Image credit: Netflix)

Cobra Kai's second season was pretty devastating for Johnny Lawrence. The show ended with the former sensei’s rep in tatters after his students were turned against him by returning villain John Kreese. 

This new clip shows us that Johnny’s protege Miguel Diaz has pulled through from his accident. Last time we saw him, he was unconscious, connected to life support after he was kicked over a railing by Robby Keene. Here, we see he’s awake, but may no longer be able to walk, let alone practice karate.

Johnny makes it clear he's only interested in doing one thing whilst he visits Miguel: he's here to get him fired up. 

Johnny shoves the table with Miguel’s phone aside, telling him to get up and grab it himself. He refuses to let Miguel wallow in self-pity, interrupting his protestations and saying his words are ‘meaningless’ and that ‘it’s time for you to get outta that bed and do something!’

As the show's kick-ass score starts to build in intensity under the scene, Johnny gets more intense and more emotional. He tells him "you’re not a kid anymore, the world isn’t just gonna hand it to ya. If you want something, you’re gonna have to crawl across the floor, use your damn teeth if you have need to do whatever it takes."

Johnny’s speech clearly works, because the look of respect Miguel has when he says ‘yes sensei’ at the end of the clip surely means their relationship will be stronger than ever before.  Hopefully, this will mean Miguel will be out of his hospital bed to face Kreese’s renegade students with Johnny very soon when Cobra Kai returns

The third season of Cobra Kai will drop exclusively on its new home on Netflix on January 8, 2021. A fourth season has already been commissioned ahead of the third season's premiere.

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