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Competition | Did you win our Green Lantern goodies?

Our Green Lantern (opens in new tab) comp sure brought out everyone's creativity - it seems a lot of you dream of having secret super-powers to tackle anything from natural disasters and war to housekeeping and rowdy kids.

We received loads of imaginative suggestions - go to our Movie Talk Facebook page (opens in new tab) to check them out - but here's our favourite superhero and the winner of an Xbox 360 copy of the game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (opens in new tab) as well as a copy of the exclusive Green Lantern comic book:

"I'd be Perminator - a 80 year old lady with a blue rinse. My weapons would be a large leather handbag and a walking stick. My outfit would be some wrinkled Nora Batty style tights with Bridget Jones pants over the top and nice thermal vest.... I would tackle the youth of today about their crimes and my catchphrase would be "when I was a girl..." . My mode of transport would be a bus, I'd have my bus pass at the ready! My sidekick would be Supergramps - my 90 year old husband who loves his cardigans and long johns. His weakness is a tipple of whiskey as it makes him unsteady on his zimmer. Perminator also invented herself a pair of Zipper Slippers - think rocket boots only granny chic!!"

Congratulations Hazel Christopher (aka Perminator)!

But we've got another nine exclusive comic books to give away and the winners of those are:

"I would be Super-Pooper!!.... Id make sure all dogs mess is cleaned up in the streets and parks... id magically appear and be able with my stare to make owners pick up the poop... And this will leave a lasting effect on the owner so they will do it forever... As a gift when leaving i'd give the owner a roll of biodigradable poop sacks!" as suggested by Kellyjo Walters (opens in new tab)

"I would be SOXGirl – whizzing round the world – yes world – zapping all the guys who wear sox with sandals!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – I would change their feet into hooves just for a day or longer if they persist in wearing sox with sandals – arghhh just spotted – off I go….whoosh" as suggested by Li Young

"I'd be Compro-Miss - I'd have the power to make people see the other person's point of view so reducing wars, industrial disputes, saving time and money in Goverment - and even the EU" as suggested by Hazel Rea (opens in new tab)

"I would be Miss Mediocrity! Saving the planet, one mundane task at a time. Super power: Being invisible in a crowd (due to being so ordinary, not using a cloak or anything) Outfit: Something in beige" as suggested by Laura Seely (opens in new tab)

"I'd be Miss MovieQueen. My superpower would be the ability to transport myself into any film , as if it were happening for real. I'd rescue people from the 'Titanic', race chariots in 'Ben Hur' and be Daniel Craig's Bond girl" as suggested by Chris Reardon (opens in new tab)

"I would be Gleewoman with the amazing ability to make anyone, even the grumpiest people , HAPPY !" as suggested by Julia Oldham (opens in new tab)

"I'd be Duracell Girl - my superhero outfit would be a bunny girl costume (naturally) and my super hero power would be unstoppable energy, which I'd use to 'clean up the city', and my home, in between bouts of crime fighting!" as suggested by Francesca Light-Wilson (opens in new tab)

"I would be The Complanicator - able to stop all the complaining in the world by storting out all the niggly things that get your blood pressure and stress levels rising making the world a happy place to live in" as suggested by Lynne Graveling (opens in new tab)

"I'd be the Fairy Football Mother and stop these spoilt, overpaid footballers cheating on their wives and getting paid so much" as suggested by Margaret Akel (opens in new tab)

All winners, please get in touch with Movie Talk via a Facebook message to let us know where you want your prize posted to!