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Coronation Street fans convinced they recognise Toyah's solicitor — here's where you've seen her before

Coronation Street's Toyah Habeeb calls Leanne.
Things are looking bleak for Toyah Habeeb. (Image credit: ITV)

It's been a tense time for Coronation Street's Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor), who is facing a murder charge after her husband's death in a tragic car accident. 

Last night's episode (Wednesday, June 15) saw the reality sink in for a desperate Toyah as a new character is introduced to Coronation Street — Toyah's solicitor, Kim Wallis. 

Many viewers commented how they're convinced they've seen the actress playing Kim before — but struggled to place exactly where.

Toyah's new solicitor Kim in Coronation Street

Toyah's new solicitor Kim in Coronation Street.  (Image credit: ITV )

One Corrie fan wrote, "Where have I seen the solicitor with the tattoo before? She looks familiar #Corrie #coronationstreet."

A second wrote, "#Corrie She looks familiar, the solicitor..."

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Corrie fans are indeed correct that they've seen the actress before in a number of UK shows. 

Toyah's solicitor is played by actress Rebecca Hesketh-Smith, who previously starred in Manchester-based drama Life in 2020, the Sky series Britannia and Casualty

While Toyah is desperate to clear her name, she is ungrateful when Kim turns up to help her, judging her for her tattoos. But it's clear that the viewers are very firmly on Kim's side, with many taking to Twitter to express their approval of the new character. 

One enthusiastic fan said, "Here for Toyah's solicitor!!! #Corrie," showing what a popular addition she's been to the show.

While another said, "I would have thought that it would be very important that a counsellor should be non-judgemental. What is it with #Toyah and tattoos? #Corrie."

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Actress Rebecca was clearly excited about her appearance on the show, writing on her own Twitter page, "Tell ya Mum I’m in Corr-eh tonight! Tryna keep people out of prison. 8-9pm, tune in!"

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Fans reacted with delight to Rebecca's post, praising her acting skills and floating the idea of her becoming a regular on the show.

"Brilliant. Hopefully they’ll get you back for a regular stint," commented one fan, while another said, "You were brilliant, hope you become a regular. Adam Barlow is looking for a new business partner #corrie."

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