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Coronation Street fans react to Abi getting son Alfie back — and they're all saying the same thing

Coronation Street Abi Franklin and Kevin wait to hear the verdict.
Abi Franklin and Kevin wait to hear the verdict. (Image credit: ITV)

Abi seems to have finally found a happy ending on Coronation Street after the emotional rollercoaster of the last few months after she was reunited with her son Alfie and given the chance to be a good mum to him.

Abi celebrated the happy news in Friday night's episode of Coronation Street, but there are conditions to Abi being reunited with her little boy, as a foster carer will oversee her interactions, to deem she's a suitable mother. 

This is certainly a positive first step for the mum, who feared she might lose her son Alfie all together after trying to flee the country to Costa Rica with two fake passports. 

Abi braces for another hearing.

Abi has been determined to get her son back.  (Image credit: ITV)

Some fans were happy for Abi, praising the storyline. "Abi and Imran storyline these past couple of months has been amazing!!" wrote one on Twitter. 

While another said, "Awww I'm so happy for Abi! #Corrie."

Some viewers are seeing this as "another chance" for the mother. With one writing, "Abi celebrates getting another chance to be a good mother, moments before Judge Toyah clocks the tattoos and sends Alfie to the Orphan Workhouse. #corrie."

Another fan wrote, "So happy that they’re gonna give Abi a chance to prove Alfie is safe to be in her care #corrie."

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Another Corrie fan speculated about what this means for the future, writing, "While I'm glad Abi has got Alfie, I not only hope Wendy isn't up to anything but I also wonder where Alfie is going to sleep in Kev's House? I'm not sure Jack would be ok with a crying baby/toddler in his room."

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Abi herself was very shocked when the judge said that he would give her another chance to prove herself as a mother, ruling that Abi live in a mother and baby foster facility where she can be assessed.

If Abi does well, she could finally get the happy ending she's wanted for so long and have full-time custody of Alfie. And it's clear that Coronation Street fans are on her side.

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