Coronation Street fans think killer Stephen has chosen his next victim - and it's not Carla!

Coronation Street killer Stephen Reid looking menacing in front of a brick wall background
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Coronation Street fans have been waiting for Stephen Reid, the latest killer to stalk the cobbles, to murder again.

And it seems his next victim might be in his sights.

But despite him waging a campaign to undermine poor Carla Barlow by drugging her coffee with LSD every chance he gets, the viewers don't think she's going to be his next kill.

Instead they reckon sleazy Rufus, a business associate of the Underworld team, could be Stephen's victim.

Stephen is desperate to seal the deal with Rufus

Stephen got his first lot of LSD when he stole it from creepy Rufus (Image credit: ITV)

In last night's episode, Stephen was humiliated by Carla at a meeting with the US distributors for Nippersnapper.

With Stephen trying to get a foothold in Underworld and Carla determined to assert her authority, there was a passive aggressive power struggle at the meeting until Carla called Stephen a glorified work experience boy.

Fuming inwardly, Stephen headed off to make the teas and coffees and dumped an extra large dose of LSD into Carla's mug.

As the - successful - meeting drew to a close, Carla began talking strangely and became paranoid and unable to walk.

Sally went to fetch Peter, and together he and Stephen took Carla home with Stephen convincing Mr Barlow that stress is to blame for his wife's 'lapses'.

Stephen double doses Carla

Carla had a funny turn when Stephen gave her a double dose of LSD (Image credit: ITV)

But later in the pub, Stephen met Rufus - the slimy businessman who provided the LSD in the first place. Stephen had called him wanting to buy more.

Rufus was disbelieving when Stephen said he was using the drug himself and after hearing about what had happened to Carla, he put two and two together and realised what Stephen was doing.

Carla Connor is unaware Stephen has laced her tea with LSD!

Carla's being drugged by Stephen (Image credit: ITV)

Now Rufus is on to him, though, many Corrie fans think he's going to have to be careful.

After all, look what happened to Leo and Teddy when they worked out that Stephen was up to no good.

They ended up dead!

Coronation Street viewers are convinced that Rufus will be Stephen's next victim.

"So what are the chances of Rufus surviving the week?" asked one fan.

While another mused: "Number 3 Stephen?", and added a gif of a glowering Wednesday Addams! 

In fact, they've even joked about him ending up in a wheelie bin, just like poor Leo!

Will Rufus make it out of Weatherfield alive? We'll have to wait and see!

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