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Coronation Street FAVOURITE leaves Weatherfield tonight following family drama

There's drama heading for Coronation Street tonight as Evelyn Plummer leaves Weatherfield...

Coronation Street's resident battle axe is set to make a dramatic exit from the cobbles tonight after a huge fight with grandson Tyrone.

Monday night's double bill saw Tyrone confront Evelyn about the fact it was her who left him on the doorstep of a police station, not his mum like she has previously claimed.

Evelyn and Tyrone in Coronation Street

Evelyn finally told Tyrone the truth about his past on Monday night

The pair's relationship was shattered after Tyrone got the truth from Evelyn's friend James... and after everything Tyrone has gone through in his life, he struggled to forgive his gran for the lies she told him.

After a heart-to-heart about what really happened when Tyrone was a baby, the mechanic still struggled to get his head around the fact Evelyn has been lying to him all this time... despite how well-intended her fibs might have been.

But tonight's trip to Coronation Street will see Evelyn head off on her holiday with James... but still feeling bitter about the whole thing, Tyrone tells her to enjoy her holiday and never bother coming back!

Roy and Tyrone talk in Coronation Street

Roy tries to roytalk some sense into Tyrone

After her run in with her angry grandson, Evelyn asks Roy to have a word with Tyrone.

Somehow Roy manages to get stubborn Ty to see that Evelyn meant well, and after confessing that he regrets falling out with his own mother, Sylvia, it seems that Roy might have got through to Tyrone after all. But is it too little, too late?

Thinking that Tyrone wants nothing more to do with her, Evelyn heads off to Italy for a few weeks.

But will she take Tyrone's words on board and never return?

Let's hope this isn't the last we've seen of sharp-tongued Evelyn.

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