'Coronation Street' newbie Rebecca Ryan hints at a ‘Fatal Attraction’ storyline

Coronation Street - Lydia's past with Adam is set to cause trouble for the Barlows' marriage.
Lydia's past with Adam is set to cause trouble for the Barlows' marriage. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street boss has revealed that Lydia Chambers is set to cause a serious threat to Sarah and Adam Barlow’s marriage in a ‘Fatal Attraction’ style storyline.

"It starts small and even humorous with Adam and Sarah as they take potshots," Executive Producer Iain MacLeod told WhatToWatch

"Gradually it becomes more nightmare-ish. It’s exciting with three fantastic actors. It’s thriller-ish but modern.


Sarah, Lydia and Adam enjoy an awkward chat! (Image credit: ITV)

"We wanted an updated version of a 90s thriller – like Fatal Attraction," he continued.

"Those films look horribly dated in gender politics. So what would it look like as a 21st-century story? I hope we’ve crafted it, everyone behaves badly," said Iain during a preview interview about what’s coming up in 2022.

In 1987, the blockbuster movie Fatal Attraction told the story of how a spurned female lover (played by Glenn Close), unleashed a vicious campaign of revenge on a married man (Michael Douglas) – famously boiling up the family’s pet rabbit.

Fatal Attraction

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction'. (Image credit: Paramount)

Actor Rebecca Ryan – who’s starred in Waterloo Road and Shameless – plays Lydia and is thrilled to have joined Coronation Street which also stars her actor brother Jack James Ryan who’s returned as bad penny Jacob Hay. 

PA Lydia became friends with factory boss Sarah (Tina O'Brien) back in December and was stunned when she clocked Sarah’s husband Adam (Sam Robertson) and realised he was her ex. 


Lydia and Sarah met through work and have quickly become good friends. (Image credit: ITV)

Sarah reeled when she became aware Adam and Lydia had history, which has sparked a series of marital rows linked to his bachelor days. 


Sarah and Adam having been rowing about his bachelor past – and about Lydia. (Image credit: ITV)

But Adam initially didn’t recognise Lydia and later described their past as a ‘meaningless fling’, upsetting the single mum.

"At first, Lydia doesn’t see trouble. She just recognises Adam from their uni days – they were together for six months," explained Rebecca as she talked about how the storyline began.

"She sees him and Adam doesn’t remember her or who she is. It’s not really acceptable, that’s a punch in the gut."

But is Lydia – who’s currently having a dalliance with fellow single parent Daniel – going to split the Barlow couple?

"Different things happen and Lydia is upset and taken aback," teased actor Rebecca. "It’s one thing after another which causes Lydia to maybe take action… Adam’s past is catching up with him, definitely!"


Lydia's having a dalliance with fellow single parent Daniel. (Image credit: ITV)

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