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Coronation Street star reveals they've 'been broody for years!'

Coronation Street
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...and can’t wait to start filming with babies

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard, who plays new dad Daniel Osbourne, has confessed to being broody.

The 26 year old actor made the revelation as he spoke about his screen alter-ego and wife Sinead becoming the parents of a son. Explaining that he and co-star Katie McGlynn (who plays Sinead) are currently filming with a “jelly baby” doll – due to their fictional baby being three months premature - he admitted that he can’t wait to start work with the real thing.

Says Rob: “I’m really looking forward to it, because I’ve been broody for years. I don’t want kids just yet, but I am broody.

“But people who have worked with babies say that at the beginning, it’s ‘Oh my God, there’s a baby on set!’ and then after a while, it’s ‘Oh no, it’s a baby on the set’ because they can be tricky to work with and are always looking at the boom and the cameras. But I’m looking forward to it; it’ll be interesting.”

Coronation Street - Daniel Osbourne lies to Sinead about their new son’s bowel condition.

Daniel with his new baby in Coronation Street

The Weatherfield star went on to reveal some of behind-the-scenes secrets of working with a prosthetic baby – and some of the challenges.

He tells us: “There’s a hand pump at the back. We’d be stood crouching over the incubator, looking lovingly down at this jelly baby, and there’d be a district nurse crouching down by my knees, slowly pumping this thing so its stomach rises.

“When it comes to the acting, as long as you trick yourself into believing it’s real, you don’t have to think about it. But one of the downsides to being busy is that you get burnout, and your brain will go ‘This isn’t real; I don’t need to worry about this.'

“The difficult thing with an inanimate object is that with another actor you have eyes to look into. Whereas with this, you don’t get anything back.”

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