Coronation Street star Rob Mallard: 'I've kept Sinead's perfume!'

Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne
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Coronation Street star Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel, reveals how a certain scent helps him prepare to film emotional scenes

It's been almost eight months since Sinead Osbourne (played by Katie McGlynn) died from cervical cancer on Coronation Street.

But Katie's co-star, Rob Mallard, who plays her husband, Daniel Osbourne, says Sinead's presence is still felt on the Corrie set... thanks to some perfume!

"I kept the perfume that Katie used to put on as Sinead," reveals Rob who will soon resume filming Corrie after production on the ITV soap was shutdown during the coronavirus crisis.

"I kept it in the drawer in the corner shop flat set. It helps me get to where I need to get to in that moment. The memory of Sinead's final episodes slips back into place."

Daniel has become a loner since Sinead's death, hiding away at home looking after their baby son, Bertie.

However, could it be Daniel is now ready for another chance at love?

Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne

Daniel talks to a framed photo of his late wife Sinead and realises how empty his life has become on Coronation Street

Coming-up on Corrie on Wednesday 17th June, Daniel's nephew, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) decides it's time for restaurant waiter Daniel to start getting out and about again.

Adam invites Daniel to a swanky lawyers' drinks reception in town.

And it's there that Daniel catches the eye of an attractive woman, Nicky (played by Kimberley Hart-Simpson, who has previously had a guest role on Hollyoaks)...

"Nicky has no boundaries and for Daniel, who is so uptight, it’s refreshing to have someone who doesn’t tip-toe around him," Rob reveals. "She is very bolshy and that is what attracts him. She is very opposite to Sinead because Sinead wasn’t like that but they are both a similar height, both are blonde and from the first glance, subconsciously, he will have been drawn to her. But she has a completely different energy to Sinead."

Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne, Adam Barlow, Nicky

Adam is pleased to see Daniel enjoying the company of attractive Nicky on Coronation Street

Adam couldn't be happier to see Daniel enjoying himself with an attractive woman.

But the question is, will Daniel be ready to put aside his memories of Sinead when bubbly Nicky suggests they make a night of it?

"He is nervous because his previous relationships, Sinead and Bethany, were both more drawn to him and that’s how the dynamic played out but with Nicky, he gets carried away," says Rob. "He also thinks it’s what other people want to see him doing, he’s had a few drinks and thinks, 'Why the hell not?'"

Watch this space to see what develops!

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