Couch Potato Pickings: Spartacus and “I’m Spartacus” moments on screen

On ITV4 this afternoon at 1.50pm here, and even more of them here.

These are some of my favourites:

In & Out

Despite being fired, teacher Howard Brackett attends his students’ graduation ceremony. When the students learn that he was dismissed for being gay, they proclaim themselves, one by one, to be gay as well.

Dead Poets Society

English teacher John Keating’s unconventional teaching methods bring him into conflict with the authorities at a stuffy Vermont private school. The classmates climb on their desks in tribute to their disgraced teacher when he turns up to collect his belongings.

The Life of Brian

When the prisoners are told that only Brian will be spared from crucifixion, they all cry out "I'm Brian,” and one shouts, "I'm Brian and so's my wife!"

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Grand Opening

When a chef afflicted with Tourettes has an uncontrolled outburst on his restaurant’s opening night, Larry shows his solidarity by initiating a round of cursing. (DON’T click here if expletives offend you)

Sex and the City: Episode 93

Struggling to deliver her cancer benefit speech because of the heat, a sweaty Samantha tears off her wig, inspiring the other cancer sufferers in the audience to follow suit.