Couch Potato's 'How to Spot a Werewolf' checklist

Teenwolf, Michael J Fox

  • What's this person's name? Does it resemble or contain any of the following: Lycan, Remus, Romulus, Lupin, Lupus, Wolfe, Vira, Vyras, Gwr, Wair, Wer, Verr, Vargulf, Garoul, Lobo?
  • Do their eyebrows meet in the middle?
  • How are their fingernails? Curved, clawlike?
  • Do they demonstrate a surprising horticultural knowledge with relation the poisonous plant Aconite (aka Wolfsbane (opens in new tab))?
  • Do they demonstrate an irrational distaste for those popular low calorie lunch crackers, claim to have a wheat allergy, or obsessively read the packet ingredients for anything containing grain (opens in new tab)?
  • How are they in the run up to Christmas? Do they shy away from the mistletoe (opens in new tab)?
  • When going out for a stroll, do they cross the road inexplicably as certain trees (opens in new tab) come into view?
  • Have they mentioned an allergy to silver (opens in new tab)?
  • Low set ears?
  • A swinging stride?
  • Bristles under the tongue?

An American Werewolf in London

If the answer is yes to more than five of the above questions, it's time to be concerned. This person is showing signs of being a werewolf (opens in new tab), and there's a full moon today (opens in new tab)!

Teen Wolf, Michael John Fox

And to mark this significant moment in the lunar cycle, Syfy is having a werewolf day:

12.30pm - Nature of the Beast (opens in new tab). A werewolf goes in search of a cure when his fiancée struggles to accept his monthly transformations.

2.20pm - Teen Wolf (opens in new tab). Michael J Fox turns into a wolf with a talent for basketball.

4.10pm  - Teen Wolf 2. The Teen Wolf's cousin struggles with his monthly cycle while at uni.

9pm - Monsterwolf (opens in new tab). A werewolf  heads off on a killing spree when sacred Native American land is disturbed by intruders.

10.50pm  - An American Werewolf in London (opens in new tab). Tongue-in-cheek tale about two American youths who are attacked by a werewolf on the Yorkshire moors.

12.50am  - War Wolves. While serving in the Middle East, a werewolf virus has infected a group of US soldiers. And now they're back home...