Couch Potato's Tuesday Trivia: How Cillian Murphy prepared for his role in Breakfast on Pluto

Neil Jordan's 2005 movie Breakfast on Pluto tells the bittersweet tale of Patrick (Cillian Murphy), an adopted Irish teenager who identifies as a woman. He adopts the name Kitten and swans about in women's clothes. However, this doesn't go down too well in conservative 1960s Ireland, so he movies to Swinging Sixties London to seek acceptance - and to search for his birth mother.

To prepare for his leading role, actor Cillian Murphy got stuck into studying women's body language. He also spent a few weeks with a drag queen who advised him how to dress, and took him out clubbing with friends.

By the way, the character Kitten is transgender. He's not a transvestite. The latter term is used within the film, but is only accurate within the context of Breakfast on Pluto's 1960s-1970s setting. Today in the 21st Century, the visibility and understanding of transgender lives and issues is much stronger than it was 40-plus years ago - and that's gone hand in hand with the development of much more clearly defined language. So, as I say, today you'll find that the correct word to describe a person who is biologically a man, but dresses and identifies as a woman, is transgender.

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Breakfast on Pluto is showing tonight - Tuesday 6th March - on Film4 at 12.50am

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