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Doctor Foster star Bertie Carvel gives this vital update on series 3

Doctor Foster Simon
(Image credit: BBC/Drama Republic)

Bertie will be seen this Sunday in BBC1's The Pale Horse

Doctor Foster star Bertie Carvel has suggested fans could have a long wait for series three.

The 42-year-old actor is best known for playing slick, adulterous Simon, who cheated on Gemma Foster (Suranne Jones) in the award-winning BBC1 drama.

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster has been a huge hit (Image credit: BBC/Drama Republic/Warren Orchar)

Bertie warns that the “difficulty” is getting the cast back together, although he encouragingly said a third series could still happen. The news came as Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett gave new details about spin off show Life.

Asked if there could be anymore Doctor Foster, Bertie revealed: “The difficulty is getting the gang back together but I can see it happening after time has passed.

"It’d be fun picking up and seeing where Tom [Simon’s son played by Tom Taylor] is. Or maybe it could be like Doctor Who and Simon and Gemma could be played by a new generation of actors!”

Suranne also hasn't ruled out there being another season of Doctor Foster. Last year she told This Morning: "Part of me would be so frightened, that people would be expecting a third. But who knows? Never say never."

Meanwhile, Bertie is about to be seen as a jittery shop owner in BBC1’s big new Agatha Christie drama, The Pale Horse.

He plays oddball Zachariah Osborne, who warns the thriller’s central character, Mark (Rufus Sewell), that foul play is at work when both their names appear on the list of seemingly doomed people.

Doctor Foster star Bertie looks very different as Zachariah Osborne in The Pale Horse

Doctor Foster star Bertie looks very different as Zachariah Osborne in The Pale Horse (Image credit: Mischief Screen Limited 2019/Jonny Birch)

Talking about the appeal of being in a Christie thriller, Bertie said: “Agatha Christie’s a master plotter. And this is exciting because it feels like a psychological thriller in the vein of Rosemary's Baby with the supernatural angle. It’s also a snapshot of 60s Britain with the social tensions.”

The Pale Horse starts this Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.