Doctor Who fans confused over odd choice of episodes being aired back-to-back

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) at the TARDIS controls for Doctor Who season 14
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Doctor Who fans have shown their disapproval over the format of the news series saying that the order of episodes means we don't get to see enough of the Doctor. 

Viewers were shown a clip of next week's episode, Dot and Bubble, after 73 Yards aired on Saturday, June 26.

Dot and Bubble, will be released on Saturday 1st June at midnight on BBC iPlayer and at 6:50pm on BBC One and will see a Black Mirror-esque take on society, with less involvement from the Doctor himself and Callie Cooke making an appearance as Lindy Pepper-Bean.

In last weekend's Doctor Who episode, 73 Yards, we saw Ruby Sunday take a trip to the Welsh countryside, where a sinister stranger stalks her. While the episode was generally well received by fans, some viewers think this could have been a 'penultimate episode' of the BBC series. 

One Doctor Who fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), 'Precisely why I think having these two back to back is a huge mistake, Dot and Bubble could've been episode 3 for example and 73 Yards the penultimate episode before the finale, make it less obvious.'

While another said, 'Two Doctor lite episodes in a row (73 Yards/Dot And Bubble) is a surprise choice.'

And a third wrote, 'Dot and Bubble has been described as "Doctor & Ruby lite-ish". 2 episodes out of only 8 being Doctor-Lite for a new Doctor isn't exactly ideal. The Sex Ed schedule really influenced this block of filming unfortunately.'

Critics have shared their reaction to the episode, also highlighting the link to Black Mirror, but ultimately praising the episode, saying 'Ncuti completely steals the show'. 

One wrote, offering further insight into the episode, 'Dot and Bubble provides some great social commentary on Gen Z, Gen Alpha and the rampant use of Social Media and how much they rely on it. The episode is entertaining but feels too much like Black Mirror for me to claim it as a #DoctorWho episode. 

'Callie Cooke provides an annoyingly good performance as Lindy Pepper-Bean, while Ncuti completely steals the show with one of his best performance yet that easily saves the episode and makes it a good one, accompanied by Murray Gold’s chilling score that has now become my favourite amongst the season.'

While a critic wrote of the upcoming episode, 'Dot and Bubble takes potshots at so many different targets, it ends up not as sharp as it could’ve been. That said, the final scenes - and in particular Ncuti Gatwa’s performance - will stay with you long after the credits roll.'

While another critic said, praising the episode, 'DOT AND BUBBLE is a sweet, yet slimy surprise and includes RTD's effective social commentary which lands so well. 

'Callie Cooke's performance as Lindy is delightful and carries the story throughout, but it is the powerful finale which clarifies once again that Ncuti Gatwa IS The Doctor, backed with some of my favourite music from Murray Gold this season.'

You can tune into the next episode of Doctor Who, Dot and Bubble, on BBC One, Saturday 1st June.

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