'Doctor Who' season 13 release date finally confirmed

Doctor Who release date - Doctor Who: Flux promo art featuring Jodie Whittaker
Promo art for the latest series of 'Doctor Who'. (Image credit: BBC)

After months of waiting, we finally know when Doctor Who season 13 will return to our TV screens!

The BBC has today confirmed that the series will return to BBC1 and BBC iPlayer on Sunday, Oct. 31, so Doctor Who fans only have to wait a few more weeks for some fresh episodes. The announcement did not include a US release date, but we expect the series to air across the pond shortly after it premieres in the UK as is the norm with previous seasons of new Who.

Alongside this announcement, we got a few more teasers that are sure to interest any die-hard Whovians looking forward to Jodie Whittaker's final full season as the Doctor. 

First off was the slick new promo art (seen above) as well as the news that this latest series is subtitled Doctor Who: Flux. Sadly, neither of these announcements reveal anything new about the plot of the new season, so we only have what was shown in the July teaser (plus any rumors!) to go on right now.

However, now that the release date is locked in, we think it's highly likely that more Doctor Who news will be on its way shortly, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

If you've not been keeping up with all the latest gossip, we recently learned that Russell T. Davies would be returning to Doctor Who. He was the first showrunner on the modern series and was instrumental in the show's revival in 2005. 

Davies left the show in 2010 but will be taking over from Chris Chibnall as the show's new showrunner starting with Doctor Who's 60th anniversary special in 2023. His company, Bad Wolf, is also partnered with BBC Studios to produce future series beyond this special, too!

Doctor Who season 13 will return to BBC1 and BBC iPlayer at 6:25 pm this Halloween. For more information on all the latest shows, check out our TV Guide

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