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Is it all over for Mick Carter?

(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

The landlord fears for his life after getting trapped in the Vic during Aidan’s evil plan

After finally convincing evil Aidan to let him back in on his mysterious New Year plan, Mick Carter is left fearing for his life when it all goes horribly wrong.

When Mick’s mum Shirley realises what he’s up to – alongside Aidan, Vincent, Phil, Keanu and Billy – she takes drastic measures by locking him in the Queen Vic cellar.

Of course this mean’s Mick misses his part of the job and it’s not long before a furious Aidan comes after him, holding a gun!

Determined to protect her son, Shirley has a face off with Aidan and Mick finally breaks free. But, despite getting to his position in the job in the nick of time, he’s still fearful Aidan will end his life.

And, this is EastEnders, so Aidan’s vision doesn’t go entirely to plan and it’s not long before someone is shot.

But will it be Mick?