EastEnders viewers heartbroken as shattered victim Ben is shunned by the Square

EastEnders Ben
Ben feels more alone than ever (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders screened the aftermath of Ben Mitchell’s rape in Tuesday’s episode.

Ben was raped by barman Lewis at The Albert. 

But after keeping silent about what happened, the episode saw Ben find his best mate Jay and husband Callum both turn their backs on him. 

Viewers were worried for his future – and hoping he could open up about his ordeal.

EastEnders Ben

Ben left The Albert shattered the next morning (Image credit: BBC)

The morning after the rape, Ben kept it to himself as he tried to come to terms with what happened.

He was later blindsided by Lewis after his rapist tried to brush it off, claiming Ben knew what he was doing and was now just suffering from his guilt.

Ben then went back through the messages he sent to Lewis the night before, clearly trying to make sense of what happened.

EastEnders Lewis and Ben

Lewis manipulates Ben (Image credit: BBC)

When Ben’s best mate Jay spotted Ben looking at the dating app, he assumed he was contacting men.

Jay had a go at Ben for how he's treating Callum, not realising that there was something seriously wrong with his friend.

So, the one person Ben might be able to open up turned around and walked away.

EastEnders Jay and Ben

Jay was disgusted at Ben (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Callum was shocked when Sam revealed that she saw a hungover Ben leaving the Albert early that morning.

Lewis had earlier covered for what happened, telling Callum that he and Ben had gone clubbing in Soho.

Now knowing this is a lie, Callum headed home to confront his husband.

He demanded the truth, and when Ben kept to the Soho story, Callum was devastated.

Callum asked Ben straight out if he slept with Lewis, and shattered Ben couldn’t bring himself to deny it.

Callum walked out, leaving Ben devastated.


EastEnders Callum

Callum unleashes his fury (Image credit: BBC)

The twist means Ben no longer has his best mate of his husband to confide in, and it’s clear he’s more alone in the world than ever.

EastEnders viewers heartbroken at Ben’s situation, and devastated that Callum now believes Ben to be a cheat.

“That was so painful,” posted one. “Utterly heartbreaking for both Ben and Callum.”

“Still too soon to get the words out,” said another over Ben failing to tell his hubby the truth. “Poor Ben.”

EastEnders Ben

Ben is alone and in pain (Image credit: BBC)

Will Ben be able to tell someone about his ordeal?

EastEnders screens Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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