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Edward Stratton is in ‘a dark place’ in Sunday’s Baptiste, reveals star Tom Hollander

Tom Hollander in Baptiste
(Image credit: BBC/Two Brothers/Sofie Van Miegh)

Warning this story contains Baptiste spoilers!

Edward Stratton’s life is getting more stressful in Baptiste as his mission to locate the money he stole from Romanian gang Brigada Serbilu becomes increasingly dangerous in Sunday's fourth episode of the BBC1 hit.

The Brit is given 24 hours to return the missing cash to ruthless Constantin Baracu (Alec Secareanu), who has already killed Edward’s father, or the gang will target the rest of his loved ones and harm the family of Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo).

“It is painful and distressing because Edward is in a dark place,” says Tom Hollander, who plays him.

Europol investigator Genevieve (Jessica Raine) is more interested in putting Constantin behind bars, however, and pressurises Edward to meet the gangster and wear a secret recording device to get evidence against him.

Jessica Raine as Genevieve in Baptiste

Genevieve (played by Jessica Raine) has made Edward's life even more complicated in Baptiste

After she threatens to arrest Edward if he doesn’t comply, he agrees to the risky meeting, where he tries to make his own negotiations. But when he tells Genevieve what he’s done, she maintains control of the situation by keeping Edward under guard…

“She traps him in a hotel and he’s forced to sit in a sauna when he’d rather be out finding what he needs to!” says Tom. “He finds Genevieve annoying. They’re combative and their scenes are funny because they’re so rude to each other.”

While Genevieve keeps a close eye on Edward, he has to rely on Baptiste to track down the money using new leads. But should Baptiste trust shifty Edward?

"Their relationship’s very complicated because Edward needs Baptiste’s help but doesn’t tell him the entire truth,” says Tom. “It never becomes a friendship. If it were a Western, they’d be gunslingers on the same job, who are professional without being close. But there are no horses and neither of us have American accents!”

Episode four of Baptiste is on Sunday on BBC1 at 9pm.